Opportunistic chimps at the ephemeral one project gatecrash an Establishment tea party.

In the end, Banksy preferred 'Vs.' Bristol Museum for the show title to 'in collaboration with'.

This is a photo opportunity

The only piece relating to the show to not have an exclusive preview that included various celebrities.  Or a price tag.

Title: Subversion Ouroboros
Location: Outside Bristol Museum
Date: 13th June 2009
Time: 10.30AM
Time Lasted: Unknown.  Long enough to take photographs.
Medium: Stolen Found road sign.

   That most blissfully democratic form of visual expression, gifting anyone that has a marker or can of paint with a voice they might not have otherwise had.

   On the downside, some voices are always more annoying than others.

The greatest trick Banksy ever pulled was convincing the world he was anonymous.

You know we live in a strange world when a former bootlegger became the most counterfeited artist working today.

The ephemeral one project paid a visit to Andipa.

There's a limit to how radical art can ever be when it's sanitised by display at a secondary market gallery in a leafy Knightsbridge street in one of the most privileged parts of the UK.

But the project thought something should be pasted up there anyway.

No image on display at Andipa was a never before seen exclusive.

Until the ephemeral one project paid a visit.

Spray paint, emulsion and marker on found cardboard.

Currently in the Andipa permanent collection.  Or a waste disposal unit in Knightsbridge.

The Revolution Will Not Be Lazarides (Canvas Version)

You Said You'd Call Banksy

Death of a Salesman

Subversion Ouroboros (pre Banksy Show Version)