A selection of emails received since the site launched. 

Sometimes complimentary, sometimes abusive, often confused, they are posted here in verbatim (with email addresses / names blanked out). 

Subject:  (No Subject)
From:  xxx@hotmail.com
Sent:  20 March 2009 08:01:44


I've come across one of the canvasses. I'm intruiged - is this a Banksy or not?! THe website doesn't help me!

Subject:  (No 32)
From:  xxx@hotmail.com
Sent:  21 March 2009 09:13:02

We got no 32. What's it all about Alfie?

Subject:  (banksy canvas)
From:  xxx@yahoo.co.uk
Sent:  25 March 2009 20:09:30

thanks for the notbanksy canvas i found on the road side the other nite.........

Subject:  (HELLO)
From:  xxx@yahoo.com
Sent:  26 March 2009 22:23:44

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i took interest on you so please i will like you to reply to me urgently so i will tell you more about my self
this is my box ( xxx@yahoo.com ) please try to mail me back on my email address
so that i can be able to send you my pictures,God bless you.

Subject:  (Not Banksy)
From:  xxx@googlemail.com
Sent:  27 March 2009 05:48:57

Sounds like an interesting idea, good luck with it all.

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a the bright idea that would make me lots of money.
Then I realised God doesn?t work that way, so I became good at cheating and riding other peoples fame & fortune....

Then I prayed for forgiveness.


Subject:  (London Edition, Bristol Edition??)
From:  xxx@googlemail.com
Sent:  29 March 2009 21:10:23

Any chance of a Liverpool edition?


Subject:  (i love that you guys put the fun into art again)
From:  xxx@gmail.com
Sent:  30 March 2009 20:26:21

well done!

Subject: (Shit)
From:  xxx@aol.com
Sent:  30 March 23:05:11


Subject:  (No Subject)
From:  xxx@hotmail.com
Sent:  31 March 2009 03:31:49

just found one at the bus stop on Chesterfield Road.

Can't believe it.


Subject:  (Leeds tomorrow?????)
From:  xxx@hotmail.co.uk
Sent:  31 March 2009 13:15:51

Hi there,

I'm a keen fan. Any chance you're gonna be in Leeds (capital of the North) during the dark hours of this evening and tomorrow morning placing your canvai? If so, please do let me know and I'll set off early tomorrow to do some hunting!!!!


Subject:  (Bristol?)
From:  xxx@googlemail.com
Sent:  31 March 2009 21:36:39

Just picked up a piece of your work at Temples Meads, was surprised that no one had already picked it up. I will use it with my GCSE students.

Fucking great way to get your work out there on the back of someone else. What's next?

If you want something to change
you have to be the change.

Subject:  (April 1st?)
From: xxx@googlemail.com
Sent:  31 March 2009 21:50:12

Hi EphemermalOne

Any clues? I got a summit to attend.

RE: (April 1st?)
From: xxx@googlemail.com
Sent:  01 April 2009 10:18:24

Damn, you're clever.......cool site

Subject:  (Bristol edition?)
From:  xxx@osborneclarke.com
Sent:  01 April 2009 06:48:04


I found number 69 of the Bristol Edition giveaway, just wanted to say thank you.

Subject:  (Mailing List?)
From:  xxx@btinternet.com
Sent:  01 April 2009 08:20:27

can you put on the mail outs for your site please - liking the reworked Banksys - enjoying the cynicisim which is all we have left!


Subject:  (No Subject)
From:  xxx@originindesign.com
Sent:  01 April 2009 11:08:24

Hello Mr. Notbansky.
I wonder if you have any plans to drop any of these works off in the Ludlow area od Shropshire? im guessing not? that being the case could you please hide one really well so nobody finds it and let me know where it is? i can then "Find" it the next time i drag my old backside to London. Good show by the way.

Cheers and best

Subject:  (When's your art drop hitting Wakefield??)
From:  xxx@-----------.fsnet.co.uk
Sent:  01 April 2009 18:05:23

I am aware of London and Bristol but some of us northern scum love your work too. I propose an art drop in Wakefield. You only need to drop around 10 items as the philistine quotient is a lot higher up here but I?d like the opportunity to grab one anyway.

If not, keep me posted on future releases. Your work says a lot more than most of the tat out there and I for one love it.

Keep it real


From:  xxx@----------.orangehome.co.uk
Sent:  01 April 2009 19:48:12


Love the site, A refreshing change in this ???? obsessed scene.

Are you planning to release the VERY LITTLE WALKER as i would love to hang it on my wall, Even if you aint Banksy.

All the best,

Subject:  (originals and prints?)
From:  xxx@hotmail.com
Sent:  01 April 2009 20:23:52

hi, could you please tell me if there will be any releases of the 'very little walker', had a right laugh when i seen that,SUPERB!


Subject:  (In search of "the ephemeral one"?)
From:  xxx@btinternet.com
Sent:  02 April 2009 09:49:44

I'm curious about "the ephemeral one". I observe that in Buddist philosophy there is a big play between the real and the ephemoral being. The following text describes the belief:

"The psycho-organism of every living being is two-fold: a coarse, ephemeral structure created by the materiality-producing forces and "clothed in the experientially initiated potentiali­ties of experience," and a real one which is like an apparition and is "mere motility and mentality-spirituality. This real one does not leave or become separated from the ephemeral one."

Is this an indication of what the "ephemeral one project" is all about? Could Banksy be saying that his real persona is inseparable from his ephemeral aspirations?

I realise that Banksy would not want to confirm this hypothesis absolutely, but for my own peace of mind could you please indicate a positive denial if this line of thought is completely off track?

Thank you, in the hope of some degree of comprehension.

Subject:  (Question)
From:  xxx@allianz.co.uk
Sent:  03 April 2009 13:38:49

Can you expand on what the ephemeral one project is about?

Also - if you are keen to distance this project away from Banksy - why do you feel it necessary to refer to him at all?

I am slightly confused by all this - sorry if I'm sounding a little vague.


Subject:  (actual genius?)
From:  xxx@gmail.com
Sent:  09 April 2009 12:42:18

stumbled across your site....made my day!

keep it up!

Subject:  (Sooooo, how does...?)
From: xxx@hotmail.com
Sent: 15 April 2009 07:04:52

... a guy get his hands on a "No Sell Out" or a "Very Little Walker?" Absolutely brilliant take on a take!!! =)

Keep up the dig... it keeps everyone on their toes and makes for some interesting viral marketing...

One Love

Subject:  (?)
From:  xxx@gmail.com
Sent: 15 April 2009 15:56:25

Banksy is the only true artist of our generations.... I hate that I live in Aarhus, Denmark - so far from Banksy's Bristol and those genius giveaways.....

Love your site...

Subject:  (No Subject)
From: xxx@yahoo.co.uk
Sent: 30 April 2009 18:37:20

what is notbanksy exactly?

Subject:  (Thoughts)
From:  xxxx@yahoo.com
Sent: 5 May 2009 14:10:11


Just came accross your site and wanted to say I was excited by what I saw.

I'm currently studying art history, and as far as I understand it what you're doing is progressing something.

In the same way Banksy did a Warhol pastiche with the Kate Moss piece and Tescos soup, you're doing a pastiche of him with
your various reworks.  If I've learnt anything from my perpetual hangovers and indebtedness, it's that art is cyclical.

So your art is a logical progression, just like there's been throughout art history as a reaction to movements that came before.

I might just be procrastinating about revising though....

Take care,

Subject:  (Very Little Walker?)
From: xxx@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk
Sent: 12 May 2009 15:10:51

Hi there

I found the Very Little Walker on your flicker page very funny and was just wondering
where I could get my hands on one.

anyway love the work keep doing what your doing

Subject:  (ART ABOUT ART)
From: xxx@hotmail.com
Sent: 14 May 2009 16:11:12

It's just art about art, isn't it?

Subject:  (No Subject)
From: xxx@mdx.ac.uk
Sent:  18 May 2009 08:31:21

I have a message from my 11 year old daughter to Banksy (her
only hero). Trust her to choose the terrorist of the art world.
Can you please pass it on?

Subject:  (Great site)
From: xxx@btinternet.com
Sent: 19 June 2009 00:04:20

Just wanted to say the site is great. I?m a Bristolian and have followed Banksy?s exploits closely since he tagged the BIG BLUE skip nearby Stapleton road late 94? ...

I think Banksy would approve of your handiwork...

after all its what he?s been doing for years...

You should stick a notbanksy print in the museum...

All the best,

It came to this site's attention that some other street art related sites have mentioned this site in some form or other on their sites.